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Summer countdown – things to do in your garden this spring

Spring has arrived in all its tender green glory! Now is the time to give your garden a little bit of TLC, because any effort you put in now will be handsomely rewarded with a summer garden showstopper.  Here’s our checklist of those must-do spring tasks. The great cleanup The…


Herbs 101 – how to plant them, care for them and cook with them

Spending a fortune buying herbs at the supermarket? Growing your own for the kitchen is way cheaper in the long run. It’s also incredibly easy, because herbs really don’t ask for much. A little bit of care when it comes to planting, a very light hand when it comes to…


How to create mood using colour

From temperature, to intensity, to hue – there’s more to colour than meets the eye. Our experts share some top tips for understanding colour and using it to create mood in your home. Temperature: Warm vs cool Warm Reds, yellows, and oranges or any colour with undertones of these colours,…

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